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An Eastern Shore native and current Music City resident, Miranda Powell’s passion is to connect audiences with their deepest emotions while still keeping their toes tapping. Classically trained in piano from the tender age of five and voice as an eager fifteen-year-old, Miranda’s musicianship sparkles in slick funk beats with laid-back grooves that combine a juxtaposition of introspective lyrics and soulful vocals with funky pop production and musical surprises. 


A 2018 Commercial Piano graduate of Belmont University, Miranda infuses her love of soul and jazz into her songwriting and production processes. She released a live band demo entitled “I Hope You Know,” in 2019, featuring an original horn arrangement. In 2021, Miranda released an acoustic cover of Billie Eilish’s “i love you,” receiving almost 30,000 combined views on YouTube and social platforms.  


Miranda is a frequenter of some of Nashville’s most-loved venues, and additionally assists fellow artists as a live player and studio musician. With influences ranging from the vibrant, often vulnerable 70’s songwriting of Stevie Wonder, to the intricate pop powerhouse grooves of Dua Lipa, Miranda combines her love of carefully-crafted stories with glossy, stylish beats that tug on classic nostalgia, while still remaining fresh. Her newest single, “GOOD ONE.”, precedes her debut EP. 

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